about us

Aim of this website

 With this website we want to support people who have recently come to live in Austria. Everybody wants to learn, work and live well. On this website, asylum seekers and recognized refugees tell their experiences. We hope that these experiences will encourage the visitors of this website to be active themselves.

 We gathered their experiences and informations in different chapters: 

  • Learning: Participants of the PAGES project talk about their experiences in compulsory schooling or studies (eg as extraordinary students at FH Salzburg), in different kinds of trainings (eg SALUS Training Course for Health Buddys) or courses (eg sewing course).
  • Work: Participants reflect on their experiences with the AMS (Public Employment Service Austria), different kinds of voluntary work (learning support of foreign-language children in the elementary, caring for children), community work or the like. 
  • Public Debate and Politics: Here, we inform about the project’s activities in the field of public debate and politics, such as the encounter of refugees with politicians, the participants’ knowledge about the Austrian political system, their own radio show (PAGES Radio) at the Radiofabrik and their contributions to newspapers as well as entries in blogs and social media. 
  • Housing: Here, the participants talk about the experiences regarding housing, living in camps in the city or in the country side and house-hunting (after being recognized as a refugee). 
  • Sports: The participants talk about their experiences regarding different kinds of sports; how it felt and what it meant to learn how to ride a bike, to learn how to swim, to participate in offers from existing sports clubs or offers free of Charge.
  • Culture: The participants tell their experiences in designing and selling handicrafts in weekly markets and flea markets; the experiences as tourists in the city and country of Salzburg. They also reflect on their excursion to the Mauthausen Memorial.
  • Health: We inform about health issues and the health system in Salzburg.

 These testimonials and informations were gathered between 2017 and 2019 during the PAGES project.